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New for the angling fraternity from 2009 onwards is a fishing club primarily aimed at specimen hunting from beach and pier. To include a wide range of species on a restricted list, each with its own qualifying size or weight. There is a restriction on the number of each species that can be registered each month in part of the competition. These measures it is hoped will level the playing field of competition, to give all competitors, what  ever  they like fishing for an equal opportunity.

It will adopt a more flexible (pleasure) fishing approach to competition allowing members to fish when they want for a maximum of eight sessions each month. Each session must not exceed 24 hours. They can be fished consecutively in any combination of days (such as a weeks holiday). Also fish caught in other competitions or weighed and released will count if registered accordingly with our rules.

There will no longer be a weigh in at the end of each month. It was found not to be necessary.  It no longer exists..


Includes two competitions running in conjunction. Each can be fished individually or linked together. As mentioned before you can fish whenever you choose. The monthly competitions run continuously for each calendar month for a prize fund awarded to categories for the highest accumulated percentages of specimens, 1st = 30% and 2nd = 20%. Best specimen = 20%, 2nd Best specimen = 10%. Heaviest fish = 20%. These are paid out shortly after a month ends. Should a category not have a winner then the money will be divided between the others. If there are no winners at all for any month, then the prizes will roll over to the next month.

The second competition is yearly, with a separate entrance fee (optional) paid just once. It combines a competitors monthly results for a yearly total. The prize find is awarded to the following categories; Highest accumulated percentage of specimens 1st = 30%, 2nd = 20% and 3rd = 10%. Most species= 20% and highest number of specimens=20%, paid out  early in the next year.

Signing On

For both competitions this can be done at Scotties tackle shop (Newport). In addition cheques can be sent by post or funds delivered in person to the Competition Secretary- Russell Catling.  For your convenience a commitment to sign on at short notice  can be made by telephone, text or email. However fees must be paid within 24 hours of the month ending, that they were entered into.

Entry Fees as follows: –

Monthly Competition

Adults £10 each month, Juniors £5 each month. Or members can pay £3 for a 24 hour fishing window from a date and time they declare. Juniors will only qualify for a 50% stake of the prize money unless they upgrade to an adult entry. They can do this by ticking the adult box on the sign on form and paying the extra entrance fee.

Yearly Competition

Adults and Juniors £5 paid just once each year. Entry fees can be paid before or during the month. However, it must be remembered that only qualifying a specimen fish caught after your entry date and time will be accepted


All specimen registrations should be delivered to the competition Secretary via Scotties tackle shop, by post, text , telephone, email or in person, no later than 24 hours after the end of the month. There is a longer period of grace for any photographs that accompany a catch. You should arrange this with the organisers.

Minimum Qualification Weights And Sizes


Only a maximum of 150% of each species per month (using its own Island Record) qualifies for the accumulated  percentage awards. (Monthly and yearly competitions).

Brill Sizeable 14″
Bass 3lbs
Black Bream 1lb
Bull Huss Sizeable 23″
Cod Sizeable 14″
Conger Sizeable 36″
Dab Sizeable 8″
Dogfish L.S. 1lb-11ozs
Spurdog Sizeable 23″
Flounder 1lb-8oz
Garfish 0lb-10oz
Triggerfish 1lb
Mullet Golden Grey 1lb-4oz
Mullet Thick Lip 3lbs
Plaice Sizeable 11″
Pollack 1lb-4oz
Pouting 1lb
Ray Blonde Sizeable 16″
Ray Undulate Sizeable 16″
Ray Spotted Sizeable 16″
Ray Sting Sizeable 16″
Ray Thornback Sizeable 16″
Ray Small Eyed 5lbs
Silver Eel 12oz
Smoothound (Count as one species) 7lbs
Sole 12oz
Tope 20lbs
Turbot Sizeable 14″
Whiiting 8oz
Ballan Wrasse 1lb 8oz
Gilthead Bream 8oz
Mackerel 14oz
Scad Mackerel 10oz
Coalfish Sizeable
Mullet Thin Lip 1lb-8oz
Rockling Shore 10oz
Rockling 3 Bearded 1lb
Red Mullet 8oz
Tub Gurnard 9inches


Any other species which has or creates and Island Record over 1lb 8oz and attains 50% of that record. Upto a maximum of 150%. Created Island Record over 1lb 8oz count as 100%.

Specimen Registration

Every qualifying specimen has to be registered with the competition secretary to include all information required on the clubs registration card. The card is your copy of your captures. The club just needs the information.

For competitors   fishing alone who want to self certify their  catch. In addition to the criteria on the registration card, they should provide at least one photograph that clearly shows what species of fish it is, against a tape measure or other easily identifiable object of similar size. The fish must be weighed with scales that have been approved by the club or certified by the council.

A witness should be used where possible. If they are not a club member, then in addition to their name a telephone number should be provided.

It is hoped that details  and photographs will be circulated by members for publication on the clubs website for all members to see.

Weigh And Release

Fish can be released after weighing if certified or Club approved scales have been used. To register a set of scales please contact the Competitions Secretary. Approved scales will be given a number which must always be written down on any specimen form or card for fish they have weighed.


To join this Club you will have to be proposed and seconded by existing club members, one of whom cannot be a relation either by Birth or Marriage. Part of your subscription will pay for this Club to be affiliated to the Angling Trust. The only significant voice for Sea Anglers at Government level.

Your subscription does not include 3rd party liability insurance. As a club member you are expected to provide your own 3rd party insurance. We would thus recommend that you join an organisation such as the Anglers Trust Society for its insurance benefits, which are extremely good. The club offers a subscription discount to individual members of this organisation.

Adult membership £10
Junior membership £5
Angling Trust Member (Adult) £5
Angling Trust Member (Junior) Free


The default set of rules are those provided by the Angling Trust. Those that apply to beach, pier and competitions. There are also Club Rules, that follow which take precedent over any of the Angling Trusts rules that they may conflict with, as follows: –

  • Members fish venues at their own risk
  • The club takes no responsibility for loss or damage to tackle
  • The club takes no responsibility for injuries howsoever incurred.
  • This club provides its own size limits for species of fish.
  • All instructions held within the clubs documentation should be adhered to
  • Members can only fish beaches and piers that are accessible to most people.
  • Members are expected to take their own litter home after fishing.
  • There should be a minimum distance between a Club Member and any other person whilst casting from a beach of at least 1 1/2 times the length of their fishing rod (Piers exempt)
  • Any complaints, especially those that affect the outcome of the competition should be brought to the Competition Secretary’s attention before the end of the month, and followed up in writing within Seven days. For clarity the Commitees judgement shall be final.
  • Prizes will only be paid out after all outstanding registration information is with the organisers. Those winners not in attendance will have their prizes sent to them by arrangement with the Competitions Secretary.