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The Great Wight Hunters specimen angling club started competitions in February 2009,

The GWH was created with a need to combine all the best components of specimen angling, the pursuit of quality fishing experiences and catches, with an element of competition for maximum enjoyment. To include optional monthly and yearly matches running consecutively.with new members known to the organisers, invited from within the ranks of the Machine Shop Beach Fishing Club. Which was closing down after thirty one years in existence? Further membership would then come from proposition by two existing members, or endorsement from other clubs and individuals known to the organisers.

This website is to be a presentation of club members adventures, taking in, not just their fishing exploits but also the scenery and nature they encounter along the way.

Key issues had to be addressed to change traditional practises normally associated with a fishing club. To introduce a more flexible pleasure fishing experience to competition. They included:
The freedom to rover fish any beach or pier with access to all members.
Members being able to fish when they wanted and not within the normal time restraints associated with a competition. To be able to sign on at short notice, to take advantage of any fishing opportunity which arises, according to their lifestyle, what the weather dictates, or a particularly productive fishing period. They can achieve this by entering a competition, and indeed registering a catch not only in tackle shops but also by email and text. This is available 24/7. Mailing entries and registrations (within allotted time) is also allowed. This saves on fuel costs and long drawn out weigh ins

The GWH has its own size limits for species of fish. Some far exceed the minimum requirements; others fall back on the defaults set by the Angling trust. It is an attempt to level the playing field of competition, taking into account seasonal abundances of certain species, limited bait recourses to catch them. Allowances have been made for species which are difficult to catch or indeed rare. So no matter what a member’s favourite kind of fishing is he can now compete at less of a disadvantage.

The Machine Shop Beach Fishing Club pioneered the first weigh and release scheme in competition on the Island way back in 1999. This was to minimize the death of unwanted fish. The GWH will continue to use this scheme and utilise what was learnt. Further improvement and tighter regulations on use are now in place. All members are now encouraged to purchase electronic scales.

Of course this way of competition fishing was never meant to suit every ones taste. . There should be a fishing club out there for every ones needs. For those of you who do find the clubs agenda appealing. Look us up. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner, setting an example on how to fish properly with little impact on their surroundings. Tightlines